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We are hiring:

  • Graduate students (Chem., Phys., Chem. Eng.)

  • Postdoctoral researcher (Radiation Chemistry) 

We are looking for Postdoctoral researcher to participate in a two-year research project. Depending on the specific skill set of the selected candidate, there will be opportunities to work in the area of pulse radiolysis studies related to: kinetics and mechanisms of radical reactions;pulse radiolysis experiments; electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) investigations.

Minimum Job Requirements:

  • PhD in Radiation Chemistry or related area within the past five years or soon to be completed;
  • Experience and fundamental understanding of radiation chemistry; radiation damage; and various analytical methodologies. Working knowledge of wet chemistry techniques;
  • Excellent technical writing skills and the ability to effectively communicate.

Please send CV and a cover letter indicating how you meet all the requirements for work when applying for the position. Applications can be  send email directly to Aliaksandra